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How to Play the Right Pokergalaxy Game

How to play poker correctly Pokergalaxy, Maybe there are still many of you who are still confused how do you play poker? Here I will try to discuss how to play real poker.

There are several elements in poker cards that you must know first. What are the elements, let us discuss more fully. Before learning how to play poker correctly you have to register first in one of the online poker agents that we have provided.

After registering and depositing, you can immediately practice if you have learned how to play poker correctly.

Here is how to play poker correctly onĀ pokergalaxy

1. Poker Cards
The card played in poker is a playing card, Maybe you already know what playing cards I explain more clearly to you. Playing cards have a total of 52 cards and are divided into four parts, namely Club, Heart, Diamond and Spade.

The card with the biggest order is Spade, the Heart Card is in the second position of the Club and Diamond is in the third and fourth sequence

2. Poker card recall order

Cara Bermain Poker Yang Benar Pokergalaxy

Maybe you are already familiar with a card that is judged by numbers if it is open five times there is no card that matches you or other players. Which one is high or big

  • High Card :

High card cards are cards that are scored in numbers if you open five cards without matching cards. Judged from the High Card who won.

for example, the five cards that are opened have nothing to match with your card and other players. And you hold a J card and the other player holds 9 then you are the winner of the session.

  • One Pair

Players have one card with a card open by the dealer the winner is the highest pair of card holders among the players.

  • Two Pair

Only this you have two cards that match the card that is opened, which is considered the largest pair with other players.

  • Three Of Kind

If there is a card that you hold that matches the open card, the original one is also the largest pair.

  • Straight

The card holder has five consecutive cards with open cards, for example holding 7 and 10 and the cards that are open are 8, 9 and J and A then your card is matched.

  • FLush

Flush is where the card you hold with an open card has five cards with the same interest as Diamond, Heart and Spade.

  • Fullhouse ( Kartu 3 Of Kind Dan One Pair )

Card Where there are three cards called 3 of kind coupled with one pair this will be called Fullhouse

  • Straight Flush ( 5Kartu Berurutan Dan Sama Jenis )

Cards Where holding five consecutive cards are like straight, only this must be the same type, if you hold this card then your winnings are 90%

  • Royal Flush ( 5 Kartu berurutan dan jenis urutan dari angka 10 sampai angka AS )

The most difficult card to get is very lucky for you if you hold this card, if you hold this card you will buy a jackpot and will win a bigger jackpot.

3. Explanation of the Steps of the Game

Cara Bermain Poker Yang Benar Pokergalaxy

  • Check

This step is where you have given the initial bet, so we don’t need to issue the chip again if you choose to check when other players don’t raise

  • Raise

The step where you can raise bets from previous bets placed by other players.

  • Call

Follow the amount put on by other players

  • All In

Put all the chips you carry on the table. It is recommended that you do this if you believe your card is the highest

  • Fold

Closing the Card or you do not want to join the bet in the table round. Use fold if the card you hold is bad or not good.

Hopefully the information we provide is useful for you in the explanation, Don’t forget to register there, the poker agent that we always recommend